Popular (And Most Effective) Diets of 2019

The beginning of the year is a time for resolutions to change our lives for the better. Some of us are exercising more, giving up a bad habit, keeping a cleaner home or learning a new skill. Many of us are planning on losing weight or becoming healthier with our diet. Weight loss is not all about looking good; it’s about your overall health and wellness. Weight loss shouldn’t be something you do for other people, it should be about feeling good within your own skin, be it for aesthetic reasons or health. We applaud everyone who is trying to make changes in their life in 2019 — from spending less money to reading more books.

Everyone has their own beliefs about weight loss: low calorie, high fat, low fat, no processed foods, no sugar. Different diets certainly work for different bodies. When surveyed, the majority of people who said they would be dieting this year said they would be following one of five diets:

  • 1. Low-carb 
  • 2. Calorie restriction
  • 3. Keto
  • 4. Low-fat
  • 5. Eating less meat

Click here for the complete list of diets people are interested in.

Bizarrely, a survey where wealth was factored in showed people making over $100,000 had a different order and selection of diets they would be pursuing. If you would like to eat like the wealthy, the top five diets are as follows:

  • 1. Calorie restriction
  • 2. Low-carb
  • 3. WW (previously Weight Watchers)
  • 4. Eating less meat
  • 5. Low-fat

Click here to read more. The small difference in the order of preference for diets could come down to a difference in sample size and the inclusion of WW in the top five list may be that people making under $100k are more reticent to join a service with monthly fees and commitments when they may not benefit from it.

A new list from U.S. News and World Report looked at 41 diets and ranked them for their health benefits. Although they found WW to be the best diet for weight loss, they found the Mediterranean diet to be best for a combination of ease, weight loss, nutrition and overall health. They called it “eminently sensible.” The top five on the list were:

  • 1. Mediterranean
  • 2. DASH
  • 3. Flexitarian
  • 4. MIND
  • 5. WW

To see the complete list, click here. Notably, the Atkins and keto diets ranked 37 and 38 respectively — 41 being the worst on the list. To see which regiments on the list ranked best for your specific goals, click here.

If you are less interested in a diet and more focused on healthy eating, the World Health Organization has five basic tips to get you on the right course.

  • 1. Eat a variety of food.
  • 2. Cut back on salt.
  • 3. Reduce the use of certain fats and oil.
  • 4. Limit sugar intake.
  • 5. Avoid hazardous and harmful alcohol use.

For more information on their tips, you can check out their full article.

February 08, 2019

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