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What is BergaOne?

BergaOne is the once-daily support supplement for healthy cholesterol. Using a proprietary and clinically tested formula featuring bergamot juice extract, BergaOne naturally inhibits the liver’s production of cholesterol effectively reducing the 75% of total cholesterol within your body that the liver contributes and helps maintain your blood cholesterol levels within a normal, healthy range.

Our natural formula helps to support cardiovascular health through the use of three safe and effective active ingredients.

Bergamot juice has been consumed for hundreds of years in the Calabria region of southern Italy due to the variety of cholesterol and cardiovascular benefits it provides. Thanks to modern science we now know that bergamot's unique group of plant molecules known as flavonoids is responsible for providing cholesterol support and seven other health benefits.

BergaOne is the only natural supplement for cholesterol to harness the power of this fruit in order to promote healthy total blood cholesterol levels, cellular energy production, and other physical and convenience benefits. With just two cholesterol capsules taken once each day, BergaOne will help give you peace of mind.


Supports Healthy Total Cholesterol Icon

Supports Healthy Total Cholesterol

Supports Normal LDL Cholesterol Levels Icon

Supports Normal LDL Cholesterol Levels

Boosts HDL “Good” Cholesterol Icon

Boosts HDL “Good” Cholesterol

Supports Healthy Triglycerides Icon

Supports Healthy Triglycerides

Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Icon

Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

Increases Cellular Energy Icon

Increases Cellular Energy

Provides Potent Antioxidants Icon

Provides Potent Antioxidants

Avoids Kidney Risks Icon

Avoids Kidney Risks

Taken Once-Daily Icon

Taken Once-Daily

Smaller Pill Size Icon

Smaller Pill Size

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I highly recommend Bergaone to control cholesterol. I found this product on Facebook and have since been taking it. Easy swallow easy digestion reasonably priced.

- Jean D

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