Four Ways to Lose Dangerous Belly Fat

Visceral fat is the most dangerous body fat as it can damage vital organs. But, you can reduce that fat from changing habits. We want all of our customers and followers to live happy, healthy lives, so here are four ways to lose visceral fat while staying healthy — no crash diet, no brutal workout.


You can reduce your visceral fat by eliminating certain foods from your diet — alcohol, added sugar and overall carbs. All three are forms of sugar that your liver has to break down and can cause serious health problems.


People who smoke not only damage their lungs, they are more likely to carry fat in their abdomen than on their hips or thighs. Smoking can lower a person’s overall weight bit what fat they have is found in their bellies.


Exercise needn’t be an expensive pastime. Nor, do people who hate it have to pretend that the activity will grow on them. Some people don’t enjoy exercise, but we all enjoy having a healthy body. So, even if you dislike exercise, it’s time to get sweating. There are many easy moves to help you cut down on your visceral fat. Check out 16 here!

Getting Enough (But Not Too Much) Sleep

Both too little and too much sleep are linked to gaining belly fat. “Short sleepers showed a 32 percent gain in visceral fat, versus a 13 percent gain among those who slept six or seven hours per night and a 22 percent increase among men and women who got at least eight hours of sleep each night.” If sleep eludes you, don’t worry, we have all the tips for you!

February 22, 2019

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