Royals’ Nutritionist Says Yogurt Before a Meal Aids Weight

When the British royal family does something, it’s a trend everyone follows. When Kate Middleton steps into public, the outfit she’s wearing immediately sells out in stores. When she wears an outfit for the second time, it makes the news. Earlier this month, a nutritionist for the royals gave some advice, and people have scrambled to follow it. After all, we all want to look as good as Meghan or Prince Harry and live as long as the Queen and Prince Philip! But, it can be so easy to follow the trend without thinking about it, and we wanted to reflect on if it’s good advice.

I tell my clients to eat some spoonfuls of yogurt before a meal,” said Gabriela Peacock, the woman who developed Prince Harry and Meghan’s pre-wedding diets and the plan Princess Eugenie followed before hers. “By starting your meal with protein as opposed to carbohydrate, you reduce the insulin and blood sugar spikes that come from releasing carbs into your bloodstream.”

As with any royal news, other commenters were quick to judge the statement. “Greek yogurt is a good source of protein which has been shown to keep you fuller for longer,” said Nutritionist Jenna Hope. “Protein can help to stabilize blood sugar levels too. Yogurt is also a source of probiotics which is important for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.” However, she added, “A spoonful is unlikely to have much effect on weight.”

It would be great if there were a quick trick for weight loss and better health. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. While starting a meal with protein may help your blood sugar, and the probiotics may aid the gut, no one step can make a healthy life. For one thing, the royals all have personal trainers, making workouts tailored to suit them perfectly.

There is certainly nothing wrong with making a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt if you want. But, if you don’t like yogurt, there is no point in trying to force yourself to follow the trend. Starting a meal with a boost of protein may help you. Or, you may benefit from the placebo effect — you’ve read you’ll be less hungry and so you feel less hungry. The most important thing with this advice may be that, if you are on a calorie-controlled diet, be sure you aren’t simply adding a few hundred calories to your day without making any other changes.
September 23, 2019

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