We’re Proud to Introduce BP Dove

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While Glucocil supports normal blood sugar and BergaOne promotes healthy cholesterol levels, we’ve had customers ask for more. Many times, people have reached out to request other products. Many people have commented and messaged us asking if we had a supplement for healthy blood pressure. We have always said that we didn’t. But, behind the scenes, we were working on it. We didn’t want to get people excited before we had a product we were proud of and would stand by. Now, we are thrilled to announce Neuliven Health’s latest supplement: BP Dove.

BP Dove is a doctor-formulated supplement based on more than 600 published research studies, including more than 100 human clinical trials, to target different aspects of whole-body calming and support healthy blood pressure. Whole-body calming is when your heart, arteries and brain are more relaxed, and you sleep well. With whole-body calming, you're really helping your blood pressure.

For BP Dove, we selected our ingredients based on existing scientific discoveries to help the body be calm and serene in order to keep blood pressure levels normal. That’s why we put “Dove” right in the name!

BP Dove contains extract from ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, to lower stress levels and support better sleep. BP Dove also has extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa to help promote a calm heart and adjust blood volume and dilate arteries to help regulate blood pressure. Hibiscus sabdariffa is often enjoyed as a delicious tea and is popular here in San Diego! But we’re using it for its medicinal purposes. It is also high in heart-healthy antioxidants.

To help your heart’s inflammatory response, BP Dove contains black garlic extract. Black garlic is regular garlic that has been fermented to both reduce the odor and boost the amount of heart-healthy molecules. It aids artery elasticity and contains antioxidants to prevent free radicals from damaging your body. To further assist artery flexibility, BP Dove has grape seed extract. When your arteries are flexible, blood can pump easily, without resistance.

In addition to these four plant extracts, BP Dove contains two heart-healthy vitamins. Vitamin C is well known for its immune-boosting properties. Research also shows it supports blood pressure by increasing the body’s nitric acid and relaxing blood vessels. Finally, we have vitamin K2. There is widespread vitamin K2 deficiency in the U.S. The vitamin helps regulate calcium levels on the artery walls and helps blood pressure remain healthy.

Here are the answers to a few questions we expect. We have answers to many questions on our FAQ. But we think these will be asked first, and most likely the most often. BP Dove is a tablet, not a softgel or a gelcap. You take two tablets once a day after dinner. You should notice yourself feeling calmer and sleeping better within three to seven days of starting BP Dove and see BP Dove’s full impact in two weeks. Just like with any supplement, you should talk to your doctor before taking BP Dove.

We enjoy sharing our blogs with you. From now on, we’ll be sharing a blog on the BP Dove site on Wednesdays instead of BergaOne. We think this gives our team an opportunity to cover more subjects. The topics will cover a wide variety of health information, focusing mainly on blood pressure, stress, sleep and well-being.

BP Dove is designed for anyone looking for support for healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart, less stress, better sleep and general wellness. As with all Neuliven Health products, if BP Dove doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the product price. We want you to try BP Dove with confidence!

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April 14, 2021

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