Sesame Seeds May Lower Cholesterol

Typically, we don’t really think about sesame seeds. While they might be on rolls, they aren’t part of our everyday life. Usually they only ever come up as a garnish in recipes. And then, we think of them as entirely optional. However, we are missing an excellent opportunity to add nutrients to our days and think we’ll be adding more of them into our healthy diet!
Like most seeds, sesame seeds are filled with fiber, but they also contain manganese, vitamin E, unsaturated fats and protein. A serving has many forms of vitamin B, 13 percent of your daily value of biotin and nine percent of your recommended intake of folate.That’s impressive for a seed we mostly only see on hamburger buns. And, some studies have linked them to lower LDL cholesterol, lower total cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol. That’s great news to anyone struggling with cholesterol worries.

Three components of sesame seeds impact your cholesterol. The polyphenol called lignan acts to block cholesterol in the small intestine. It fights the cholesterol from food and that produced by your liver. Your liver is the source of 75 percent of your cholesterol. The omega-3 fatty acid named alpha-linoleic acid lowers triglyceride levels. And, fiber prevents cholesterol from getting into the bloodstream.
We wouldn’t advise eating sesame seeds by the handful. Cooking oil can be made from sesame seeds because they are so high in fat. A fourth of a cup of them is 206 calories with almost 18 grams of fat. But, tossing some in a salad, adding them to baked goods, using them to add crunch to a meal or adding them to a stir fry for an accent flavor are all great ways of working them into your diet.
Additional benefits of sesame seeds are their ability to increase nutrient absorption, possibly aid in the prevention of cancer, lower blood pressure and even out hormones. Rich in calcium, they can support strong bones.

So, once barbecue season is over and the hamburger buns are gone, make sure to have some sesame seeds on hand — they aren’t just good on a roll!
August 16, 2019

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