Low Bone Density Linked to Bad Heart Health

We all know that many aspects of our health are linked together. New research has found that men and women with low bone density are more likely to have poor heart health. This highlights the importance of paying attention to all of our health and speaking to our doctors about our health concerns during our physicals and other appointments to ensure none of our medical worries are being overlooked.

Researchers in a large study saw that lower bone density was linked to higher levels of arterial stiffness. And, people with worse bone health were more at risk for dying from ischaemic heart disease. The study was massive, which let them look at the problems with a lot of detail, unlike many studies before that didn’t spot the link. 

Bone density and heart problems share some risk factors, including aging, smoking and not getting enough exercise. But, the doctors looked at those factors to make sure they weren’t causing the connection. This could mean that people are biologically prone to both conditions — you could have the problems “built in” to your body. They hope that their research could help create medications to alleviate both issues.

While their new drugs are far away, there is a very practical use for their research. If you have concerns about your arterial health, you might want to bring up bone density with your doctor. Falls pose a serious health risk to people with less dense bones. We all say that kids “bounce.” As we get older, we stop bouncing. A fall can be dangerous for an older person.

One out of three people over the age of 65 suffers a severe fall. Medications that upset balance, poor eyesight, fatigue and more can lead to a fall. Low bone density means healing takes much longer. That can seriously lower the quality of your life.

If your doctor knows you have low bone density, there are diet and lifestyle changes you can make and treatments you can take that can help you. Along with your heart health, taking care of both can significantly improve your quality of life, health and life expectance. Forewarned is forearmed, so speak to your doctor today about your health and see if this new study may have any impact on your health plan!
October 07, 2020

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