How to Eat Healthy While Exhausted

Being tired can often lead to reaching for the easiest food possible. At the end of a long day, making a healthy meal is beyond many people. It’s effortless to buy something that isn’t good for you, grab something prepared out of the freezer or just eat unhealthy snacks. It happens to us all, and sometimes it cannot be avoided. But, there are ways to prevent it. Thinking ahead when you’re feeling refreshed and perky stops you from suffering later.

Planning ahead is a big step. When you are awake and focused, you can cook large meals and freeze portions. Then, come midweek when all you can think of is relaxing on Saturday, you can defrost and enjoy a healthy dinner right from the freezer. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating because you didn’t buy it in a box from the store! If you want to branch out and try new things, arrange a meal swap with friends. Everyone cooks a different large healthy meal and trades food. That way, you have exciting things to eat in your freezer that are homemade and not filled with preservatives, salt, fat and sugar. Or, if you’re not a huge fan of the freezer, crockpots can be your friend. In the morning, when you have energy, slap together a crockpot meal that can cook while you’re out. In the evening you’ll have dinner ready without thinking.

Sometimes, we might get caught short: the freezer might be empty. Then, you might enjoy a meal that doesn’t need cooking. Peanut butter on an apple or a really simple salad can provide you with protein, fiber and healthy fats without you needing to get out the saucepan or turn on the oven.

When you’re hungry and tired, it’s harder to make healthy choices. Salt, fat and sugar are all tasty and, when you just want to have a break, your mind can go into autopilot. You find yourself eating chips instead of carrots. There are two ways to stop this. The first is to have only healthy snacks in the kitchen. You can’t eat cookies if they aren’t there. It doesn’t matter how good your willpower is, when you’re tired and food in easy to access, you are much more susceptible to eating poorly. But, the likelihood of you going out and getting that food is no higher than usual. Just like the old (and useful) advice not to go to the store hungry, not having a cupboard with unhealthy snacks can help you stick to a meal plan. The other thing you can do that can really help you stay on track is making up your mind early in the day. If you know what you are having for dinner, and think about it during the day, you will be looking forward to that nutritious meal. If you have planned out the steps to make it, it feels less arduous. And, if you are anticipating your dinner beforehand, it will make you stay on track without much effort.
July 19, 2019

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