Can Hot Peppers Really Make You Lose Weight?

So many fad diets use hot peppers to help you “lose weight fast!” From the Master Cleanse to the Black Coffee and Cayenne Pepper diet, we have been told over and over again that capsaicin, found in peppers, will help us lose weight. We have learned that neither of the fad diets mentioned above are healthy. But is there any truth to the idea that capsaicin helps?

Capsaicin has antioxidant effects and may be useful for overall health. However, it can negatively interact with blood thinners and other drugs, so it’s important to speak to your doctor before adding it to your diet. Studies have found non-conclusive evidence that it can help people lose weight.

It’s easy to add capsaicin to your daily routine, either through diet or, if you don’t like the flavor, with a supplement. You can add cayenne peppers to a meal or a sprinkle to your dish. It can be used to make flavors like eggs pop or, if you aren’t a fan of the taste, it can be added to already flavorful dishes. Around 28 grams of fresh pepper or a gram of dried chili pepper is enough to provide the benefits of the compound.

Capsaicin boosts the metabolism a small amount, for around a half hour after a meal. Additionally, When you eat something hot, like capsaicin, your body becomes physically warmer. In turn, your body tries to cool itself and burns more calories.

Moreover, capsaicin can decrease appetite and leave you feeling more satiated. Scientists aren’t sure what the mechanism is, but it reduces the production of ghrelin, a hunger hormone. People who ingested capsaicin ate 10-15 percent fewer calories over the course of a day. Obviously, that’s not a huge difference. But, if you are on a low-calorie diet, anything to make your day easier is a plus! The participants in the study said they felt fuller eating fewer calories.

No one food is a miracle that will make you lose weight effortlessly. Fad diets can take off weight in superficial ways, but people usually gain the weight back again. Doctors agree that the healthiest way to lose weight is through a sensible diet and exercise. However, adding capsaicin may aid your weight loss in a small, healthy way. Speak to your doctor about eating more peppers; it might be right for you.

May 17, 2019

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