Bananas Can Help Weight in Moderation

Bananas are a galvanizing fruit. Even as we write this blog, we know some people will tell us we’re wrong. The science says bananas can help you lose weight, be healthy, aid heart health and maintain healthy blood sugar. But, people are going to say we’re incorrect.

There are some scientific reasons people think bananas aren’t good for you. They are higher in calories and carbs than most other fruits. But, young bananas are high in starch and break down slowly, giving you long-lasting energy. With 12 percent of your daily fiber and a ton of vitamins, they are a food powerhouse. However, as they are high in carbohydrates and it’s essential to pay attention to portion size. That starch can also cause digestive issues for people with tummy problems. As bananas ripen, they develop more sugar and lose their starch, meaning they break down in your stomach faster. That can be good for people with gastrointestinal problems who can’t enjoy less ripe bananas but a problem for people with blood sugar concerns. Over-ripe bananas can be high in sugar. But a ripe banana is healthy! On average, a banana has a GI of 42, which is low.

For people who are looking for a healthy fruit in the morning and want to lose weight, they can be a perfect breakfast. “Bananas are a great source of multiple key nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium and manganese,” said Chelsea Tersavich, a physician assistant at the PA Foundation where she educates the public on nutrition and health. “The fiber also keeps us full during the day, which leads to a decrease in the total amount of calories we take for most people.”

Studies have found that bananas also gave athletes more energy than sports drinks. That can be a boost if you are looking to lose weight through exercise or looking to be more active this year, or looking to get more things done. January is the time for new goals. Weight loss and exercise are linked so closely that bananas helping on both sides can be a big boost!

Bananas are also filled with healthy antioxidants that protect against cancer and other diseases. The American Heart Association encourages people to eat more potassium. A medium banana has almost nine percent of your daily value.

There are some other things we love about bananas as fruit. They are very inexpensive; usually, they are one of the cheapest fruits in the grocery store. They are always in the grocery store and never hard to find. And, with their thick skin, they are highly portable: you can take a banana on the go and peel it when you are ready for a snack! As most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, we’re always happy about finding reasons to eat more!

Bananas can interact with some medications, and some people may need to avoid high levels of potassium. You should always check with your doctor when taking medication about what foods to avoid. Pay attention to portion size, and bananas can be an excellent part of a healthy diet that helps you healthily lose weight!

Banner image: Aleksandar Pasaric via Pexels
January 06, 2021

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