Fish Oil May Prevent Heart Attacks

Most of us take better care of ourselves as we get older. When we were young, we never really thought about diet, exercise or habits we could form early to help ourselves. As we age, we start paying attention. And, when it comes to heart health, we want to take all the steps we can to ensure we stay fit as we age. That includes supplements, like BergaOne, but also others if they may help.
That’s why we were pleased to hear about the new find that taking daily omega-3 fish oil supplements may lower the risk of heart attacks and other cardio problems. Unfortunately, it does nothing to prevent strokes. The find comes after researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health studied the combined data from 13 trials with 125,000 subjects. That massive amount of information allowed scientists to dive in deeply and learn more about fish oil than we have ever known before.
There has been much debate about the efficacy and safety of fish oil supplements. The study is the largest of its kind. “This meta-analysis,” Dr. Yang Hu, first author of the paper, “provides the most up-to-date evidence regarding the effects of omega-3 supplementation on risk of multiple [cardiovascular disease] outcomes.” Having that much information because the doctors could clear up a lot of confusion.
Fish oil seems to prevent heart attacks, death from coronary heart disease and death from cardiovascular disease (CVD); the risk fell by eight percent. The link became clearer as the dosage was increased. The research shows that dosages of more than 840 milligrams per day may provide even bigger reductions in CVD risk.
Although public health recommendations should focus on increasing fish consumption, having an overall heart-healthy diet, being physically active, and having other healthy lifestyle practices, this study suggests that omega-3 supplementation may have a role in appropriate patients,” said senior author Dr. JoAnn Manson.
We enjoy fish, but it’s not always practical to eat it. Moreover, some people don’t like fish. For those people who are too busy or simply aren’t a fan, fish-oil might be a literal lifesaver. As with any supplement, fish oil helps as part of a routine with diet and exercise, and you should always speak with your doctor before adding something to your heath regime.
October 10, 2019
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